It is the farewell kiss, you dog

The nightmare is over and yet his legacy will be will haunt us forever. The worst part of course is that so many Americans still don’t get it. I won’t blab on about George W. Bush’s long list of ‘accomplishments‘ here in a vain attempt to change your mind; I’m just happy he’s headed home to Texas to work on his tan.

Anyway… there was one important lesson Bush reminded me of… and that’s you can’t count on the people in authority to protect you or your freedom. At any time, even in a democracy these people can pop up, gain support, get into office, act without repercussions, and get away with it all.

The only way you can really control your own situation is to make better choices and eliminate your reliance on outside entities. Independence and freedom are not guaranteed. The more you rely on others the more risk you accept. Rely on yourself and improve your chances of staying free.

P.S. “It is the farewell kiss, you dog.” is what the shoe throwing Iraqi journalist said as he chucked his shoes at GW Bush.

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