Data Point: Russia Said to Weigh Capital Controls – Reaction to Sanctions or Signal for War?

The discussions are the latest sign that U.S. and European sanctions are hurting Russia and rethink policies the central bank has sought to avoid. The Economy Ministry last week raised its estimate for this year’s outflows to $100 billion from $90 billion. Russia hasn’t had a net inflow of private capital since 2007, the year after lifted restrictions.” – Bloomberg

Russia considering capital controls simply means people are moving money out of Russia. This may be a sign that sanctions are working, as the media is reporting, or it may be a sign that war is closer and people are moving faster to take sides. Image via

How Can We (The People) Stop This New War?

I’m at a loss. Our government seems hell bent on destroying the Middle East. Logic tells us that they know this will inevitably cause a backlash on U.S. Soil. So does that mean they want war on U.S. soil?

The pessimist in me tells me that the events unfolding today are more like dominos falling at this point. In other words shear momentum is carrying this forward and there is probably not much that can be done to stop it from toppling that last domino.

The optimist in me hopes that the people of the world, who mostly don’t want war at any time, will raise their voices loud enough to stop this chain reaction.

Update: Seems the video I linked to has been made private.


USA Bombing Syria – We Just Crossed The Line

NBC News reports the attack includes drones and is expecting to hit up to 20 targets. FOX is reporting Qatar is among the arab nation coalition (along with UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Bahrain), according to Lt. Col. Oliver North, which is rather surprising given their rather well-known support for Al-Nusra.” – Zero Hedge

What line?

  1. We’re bombing a sovereign nation – Syria.
  2. ISIS only threatened to attack America.
  3. Syria & Iran have a mutual defense agreement.
  4. A Russian naval base is in Tartus, Syria.

I think history will record that The United States of America took the first real military action in World War III. Until now we’ve seen only proxy wars in places like the Middle East, Africa, and Ukraine. We’ve seen economic and diplomatic divisions form between East & West. We’ve seen other nations choose sides between the East & West. Taking these proxy wars hot is a pivotal moment.

What amazes me most is how cool the Russians and Chinese are playing all this. They don’t seem anxious to take this farther at all; which is probably why the U.S. is doing all the shooting. I don’t think the Russians or Chinese want a war with America… I think they are happy to see the economic pendulum swing back East. The PetroYuan seems to be more of a possibility every day, the BRICS in general are a growing economic and production powerhouse, the energy reserves they control rival the West. Why would they want to go to war with the West?

The West on the other hand is deep in debt, fracking ourselves to death for oil, and sparking destabilization globally at every turn.



The Acquisition Paradigm Ends When We Run Out of Things to Acquire

Of course, The Fed can just print some more oil or gold or uranium, right?” – Zero Hedge

This chart shows the reality of real resources, as opposed to things like paper money. It may also indirectly explain the war drums and why the BRICS are such a huge risk to western powers. You see the Eastern powers get it, and they get that we’re in our eyeballs up to debt – teetering on system failure. The West knows the East knows it – hence the chess game or currency & proxy wars we’ve seen so far.

What to Do?

  1. Build hedges to the risk of collapse. It may happen soon, or never, but it’s on the table. Some say this is silver & gold, others say it’s real estate, survivalists say it’s guns & ammo and a bunker in the woods… you decide what’s right for you.
  2. Consider placing balance over acquisition on your list of priorities. You may think this sounds like the hippie-dippie route, but then I’m so liberal some people sometimes think I’m conservative. Actually I think there’s a full circle there that the man behind the curtain doesn’t want you to see – so shhhhhh. (hint: left-right paradigm is a head trip)
  3. Prepare you mind for change… it’s the new normal.
  4. Consider building alternative income sources based on the value of your contribution to society. I’ll write more about this soon… but the short version is… think different about making money, avoid selling your time, and make it easy for other people to learn what you know to generate passive income. How’s that for a teaser?



A Fool Can’t Tell These Videos Are Fake

One simple thing has convinced me that these videos are fake. The victims are too calm when they deliver their message. If someone knew they were about to be beheaded in some ritual orange jumpsuit, wouldn’t they be freaking-out, crying, cussing, or at least a bit more emotional?

These two fellows both delivered their messages perfectly, without even the tiniest flutter in their voice. They don’t seem the least bit scared. Maybe they are the bravest people in the world and not the least weakened by months of imprisonment – or maybe they know for a fact that this is a stunt intended to draw America into a fight.

In other words, I think the Islamic State is faking the videos for propaganda and publicity. While the videos are inviting more airstrikes, the Islamic State benefits by strengthening support for their cause.

Lastly, a war can’t be won without boots on the ground. Airstrikes alone cannot bring down the Islamic State. In fact airstrikes have probably already backfired and grown the support for the Islamic State in the Middle East and abroad.

Common sense and a sprinkle of logic clearly exposes the truth. These videos are productions intended to scare America into a fight – an asymmetric fight that cannot be won easily.

Other Fishy Things

  1. The videos don’t show the actual beheading – just the knife to the neck and then they fade-to-black for the bloody part. Then they show still shots of the severed head.
  2. If they wanted to really freak-out the American public, they would show the whole process uncut.
  3. Our media and politicians don’t seem to want to question this propaganda coming from the Islamic State either. They seem to be eating it up. Why would they do this? Maybe it’s good for ratings? They don’t seem to buy anything Putin says about Ukraine, so why do they believe these terrorists?

The Net Effect

Simple… the net result of this propaganda is war. The Islamic State needs a war and an enemy people are willing to die fighting against.

Unfortunately America is that big bad enemy in the minds of many people in the Middle East. Our foreign policy has been to arm extremists instead of helping to build these nations up – so naturally they now associate the American flag with war.

So logically the Islamic State is baiting us into a conflict they know will bring them armies of willing and able fighters – and Washington DC is playing right into the game because they need a war too.

What To Do?

  • Speak Out! – Sitting back and waiting to watch World War III on TV might not be a good idea. If enough Americans show our government we’re not asleep or happy to let them take us to war again, maybe they’ll dial-back the insanity.
  • Have a Back-up Plan – Just in case we find ourselves in another war, or even a war that lands on American soil, we should all have our own personal backup plans for security, shelter, water, & food. At the very least recognize that the fear-mongering that’s pouring through our media is trying to tell you that something is about to happen. Being mentally prepared for change can help get you through adversity.




TEOTWAWKI, The Movie – Spoilers Ahead

The plot of the fantasy narrative that’s building keeps getting more complicated. Here’s the latest wrinkle in the plot.

Islamist militias in Libya took control of nearly a dozen commercial jetliners last month, and western intelligence agencies recently issued a warning that the jets could be used in terrorist attacks across North Africa.” – Washington Free Beacon

So let me get this strait…

While the President sits in the Oval Office pondering his strategy, the open border with Mexico allows terrorists to cross into America unimpeded. They target nine key power substations and bring down the nation-wide power grid.

Then, just as panic from the blackout and martial law roll into full force, eleven missing airliners carry nuclear bombs to eleven cities. The CIA then announce the bombs came from Russia via Iran.

Back in Ukraine – on the very same day – Putin is reported to have launched his own strike on Kiev with tactical nukes.

Now for the fantasy spoilers…

China takes the opportunity to launch an offensive on America’s Pacific Fleet as well as all western allies in Asia. There’s a nuclear exchange between China & America.

But now the U.S. Government is also in shambles, with the majority of elected & military officials presumed dead in the nuke strikes. NATO steps-in, takes command of America’s military and nuclear arsenal and strikes back at Russia, China, and their allies. The BRICS nations are rapidly turned to rubble.

Meanwhile back in the States, Americans are killing each other by the truck load, using guns they purchased in the gun buying frenzy that followed the Sandy Hook School Shooting. With supply chains down and food & fresh water scarce, every day is a Real-life Purge in America.

For those that don’t die of instant lead poisoning, the residual radiation from the nukes kills most of the rest. A few are smart and hunker down in the basements of large buildings and tunnels.

For the next 30 days – the time it takes for the radiation from blast fallout to decay – the only aircraft seen in the skies are drones, which are immune to radiation and flown by some unknown remnants to the U.S. Military. As the radiation from the blasts drops to safe levels and people run out of ammunition, things calm down.

The world’s population is reduced tenfold. Ironically the Americas, Europe, and Africa are least damaged by nuclear war. Russia, China, and much of Asia and the Middle East are in ruins.

NATO, seen as the savior & champion of the world, assumes the responsibility of establishing a one world government to bring peace & stability to humanity. With no ammunition available, what’s left of the public is happy to trade their obsolete firearms for food, water, and shelter with the NATO peace keepers. Drones remove any remaining armed threats.

As luck would have it, the American leaders emerge from their bunkers alive and well, and take their new roles as administrators in the new world government.

Sadly, due to radiation damage, only certain healthy people are permitted to pass on their genetic material though selective reproduction. A new, more enlightened human race emerges from the violent past to build a utopia like the world has never seen.

It’s an ordered world, peaceful & prosperous. Everyone has their place in society and function. Everyone is obedient, docile, and happy. The population is stabilized at 500 million.


Original photo available here.



Ukraine’s Defense Minister Accuses Moscow of Threatening to Use Tactical Nukes

Earlier [Ukraine’s Defense Minister Valery] Geletey wrote in his Facebook that the operation “to cleanse Ukraine’s east from terrorists” was over. He, however, proceeded to accuse Russia of direct military involvement in the east that followed the rebels’ “defeat.”

“A big war has come to our home, a war Europe has not seen since WWII,” Geletey wrote alleging that Russia not only attempted to secure its position on the rebel-held territories, but also advance onto other regions.

He said that Moscow – through “unofficial channels” – has “repeatedly threatened to use tactical nuclear weapons” on Ukraine if Kiev continues to resist.” – RT News

Oh great, so now if tactical nukes are used in Ukraine, it’s going to be Ukraine’s word against Russia’s word. I don’t think Putin would ever use tactical nukes to start a war because it’s one small step toward a wider nuclear war. Ukraine is just not important to Russia. All Putin has to do to apply real pressure is turn off the natural gas.

But if nuclear weapons are used, even small tactical nukes, you should assume that the safeties are coming off and we’re moving to DEFCON 2.

If that happens don’t fear it, prepare for it. Nuclear war is survivable, especially if you’re outside potential blast zones. Choosing not to prepare is like choosing to commit suicide in the most horrific way. Instead forget what Hollywood has taught you and learn what little there is to know about surviving a nuclear war. Here are some highlights:

  • 3-feet of dirt between you and radioactive fallout from a bomb can cut the radiation inside your (makeshift) shelter by 1000 times.
  • Fallout from bombs decays at a rate measured in hours not years. For every sevenfold amount of time radiation from blast fallout decays by a factor of 10.
  • The first 48 hours after a bomb blast are the most critical time to stay sheltered.
  • Expect to stay sheltered for two to four weeks depending on how much fallout lands in your area.
  • After 28 days the risk from radiation is virtually gone – except for a few longer-lived radioactive isotopes that may show up in some foods for years after, like dairy products.
  • Water and shelf stable food stores are essential.

Some things to obtain if you’re serious about preparing for nuclear war.

  • The book Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny. You can find it free online too.
  • Tools and materials to build an improvised shelter like a shovel, sandbags, timbers for the roof, plywood, screws/nails. An improvised shelter is mostly dirt, the lumber and sandbags give you a way to create a small space inside to hunker down.
  • Dust masks, gloves, goggles, and other protective clothing
  • Geiger counter
  • Water & shelf-stable food
  • Potassium Iodide & Apple Pectin

That’s the short version. For the longer version read that book.

President Petro Poroshenko Portrays a Prime Puppet

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Saturday his country is “very close to the point of no return” in its conflict with Russia, a point he defined as “full-scale war.” – CBC News

It’s like watching dominos fall. The West wants war so backs coup in Ukraine, and fuels proxy war with Russia. When it goes hot between Ukraine and Russia, NATO and the USA will join the fight and we’ll essentially be at war with Russia. Then watch the world will be forced to take sides divided East & West. The only question left is… will the Islamic State launch their strike on the USA before or after the Ukraine Russia war goes hot.

I sure do hope I’m wrong, but like I said, these events sure look like dominos and the momentum is strong.

Data Point: U.S. Foreign Interventions Fueling The Spread of War

The video is from RT, so take it with a grain of salt like every state influenced media source. But the positions of the American politicians highlighted in the video are clear… our government has been backing revolutionaries in Syria and it’s not clear how many of these people were members if ISIS/ISIL or how many have now joined the Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL).

For historic perspective this is nothing new, the U.S. Government has had what appears to be a standard policy of covert and overt intervention for many years. Here are two of the most publicly known operations:

Operation Cyclone was the code name for the United States Central Intelligence Agency program to arm and finance the Afghan mujahideen prior to and during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, 1979 to 1989. – Wikipedia

The contras (some references use the capitalized form, “Contras”) is a label given to the various rebel groups that were active from 1979 through to the early 1990s in opposition to the Sandinista Junta of National Reconstruction government in Nicaragua…. From an early stage, the rebels received financial and military support from the U.S. government, and their military significance decisively depended on it. After U.S. support was banned by Congress, the Reagan administration covertly continued it. – Wikipedia

While the interventions may seem to be conducted to protect American national security, they seem to regularly arm dangerous people. The big takeaway… a foreign policy that supports sending military support to any foreign fighter could backfire at any time.

Reports now support the idea that the Islamic State is growing in power to a degree that requires immediate overt military actions by the United States directly in Syria and Iraq.

The Islamic State is also clearly communicating via social media that they have operatives here covertly in America. This could be a smoke & mirrors intended to scare people or it could be true.

Ironically these subtle threats seem to be helping build support for starting a war with them – so if one follows the narrative – this means they must also be ready for war or hoping to get the U.S. so worked up that it starts fighting itself.

When too many uncertainties are on the table, focus on what you can control yourself. If your house is in order, it will stand strong in any wind.


Cool Heads Prevailing?

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has said that he would not recommend U.S. military airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria until he determines that they have become a direct threat to the U.S.” – Fox News

I have a distinct feeling it’s certain politicians that want to kick off WWIII – not the military. I know that sounds counter-intuitive but here’s another data point indicating that some are not so eager to rush into a war that could trigger explosive reactions from the east.