Basic Simplicity is now in the WordPress Free Themes Directory

The other day I submitted Basic Simplicity, my new WordPress theme, to the WordPress Free Themes Directory and it got approved today. You can see it in action on all my blogs.

It features a control panel that lets you edit colors on the fly, change the banner background image, add your Google Analytics code, and a bunch of other things. If you like it please give me a good rating 🙂

See Basic Simplicity at the Free Themes Directory

Here are a few of my blogs that use Basic Simplicity; you can see what a cameleon it can be.

Basic Simplicity WordPress Theme Updates

I just uploaded the next version of basic simplicity, the WordPress theme I created. The biggest changes are the addition of four more widget areas (for a total of 10) to make it easy to add advertising to the top right and bottom of posts and pages.

I also added a mini-stylesheet to the bottom of the main stylesheet. This is bound to cause a little confusion so in the next iteration I’ll create a theme admin screen to allow quick color and style edits right in the WordPress interface.