Nancy Grace Indirectly Says ‘Buy Silver’…If You Listen Between The Rants

More clear indications are surfacing that we should all think hard about buying physical silver. Mainstream media commentator Nancy Grace misses the point in this rant and instead takes the opportunity to mock silver. Huh!?

Her bio on wikipedia says she’s a legal commentator, so I’m not sure why she’s chosen to comment on the investment choices of this criminal instead of his crime.

The big take-away is that when we see certain ideas get stomped on by anyone in public you know we must be getting close to the truth. No conspiracies here, just observing human nature and noodling over the reasons anyone would react so strongly to a footnote of this news story.

I think Chris Duane’s suggestion is correct. Everyone, especially the rich, have a lot to loose if the current dominant paradigm fails. These people are masters of the world as it works today and will have the hardest time imagining (and probably adapting to) anything different.

So when evidence surfaces that some people have clearly made choices that conflict with their own world view, they go on the attack. It’s just amazing that she chose to attack the idea of payment in physical silver instead of the crime itself.

via Nancy Grace says Silver Owners Crazy, Lonely, Rich, White Guys – YouTube.