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Chess Moves Toward World War

Dang this latest news is better than any false flag. Obama now has the smoking gun he’s been seeking and a war with Iran will seem justified.  It has been reported that Ahmadinejad’s cameraman has delivered key evidence into American hands.

“The Iranian cameraman assigned to document President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s recent trip to the UN has defected, and new reports claim that with his exit he has handed the US a trove of never-before-seen footage of his homeland’s nuclear facilities.” - RT.

I oppose war entirely. We didn’t go to war with India or Pakistan when they declared they had nukes. We didn’t go to war with Israel because they are suspected of having nukes.

I wish Obama would use this evidence to pressure Iran’s friends (China & Russia specifically) to help encourage Iran to work with the international community and give America & Israel no viable reason to start a war.

But sadly it looks like the joint US/Israel attack is loaded in the breech.

“After months of urging from Israeli authorities for the US to intervene in a rumored Iranian plan to procure a nuke, a source speaking on condition of anonymity tells Foreign Policy’s David Rothkopf that the two allies have come close to signing off on an attack against Iran.
Although no plan of action has been set in stone yet, the source says the attack will likely be from the sky and consist of drone strikes and bomber jets for only “a couple of hours” at best but would not require more than “a day or two” of action.” – RT

So lets just say this happens – after all it’s on the table. A couple of questions pop into my mind:

  • How will China or Russia respond? Will they jump in militarily and make WWIII official or will they continue to play their cards close to their chest and continue their subtle chess moves? I suspect the latter.
  • What will happen to the oil flow from the Middle East? We all know about the vulnerability of the Strait of Hormuz. We all know that Iran is well armed. This could go very badly for Americans at home if gas goes higher.
  • How will Americans respond? Will they support Obama and give him a landslide election or tell him to make up with Ahmadinejad and let the oil flow? I suspect both but would he seek peace?
  • Could this be the catalyst to collapse the petrodollar? An attack on Iran seems like it would have the potential to split the world in two – east & west. If this happened would oil trades cease to be made predominantly in U.S. Dollars? Seems plausible.
  • If the petrodollar collapses does the dollar collapse? Technically speaking – yes. Hyperinflation would be the result of a massive increase in the money supply, so if the demand for dollars suddenly dropped due to its abandonment for oil trades the dollar should technically drop in value – possibly collapse.
  • Would the U.S. Government go back on the gold standard to support the dollar? I think might – in fact I think the powers-that-be would do anything to protect the American way of life. There has been some speculation that the gold design features of the new $100 bill hints that this might be the case.
  • If there were a world war, and the U.S. went back on the gold standard, and replaced all old dollars with gold dollars, what would happen to all those foreign held paper dollars? Oh right, they would be made worthless – obsolete. That would also strengthen the dollar significantly and destabilize any nation relying on those old dollars.

I’m just asking questions and making guesses. I used to be a fairly good chess player and this reminds me of the thought process one uses to win. You know… if I move X, my opponent will move Y, Z, or… Q!? It’s always guess work but helps a player see ahead a few moves.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out… now I just need to go dig a bunker so I have somewhere to watch the game unfold.

Crazy world… and all for this.

We Are on the Brink of War

When I went to Google News this morning the top story was on our Peace Prize Packing President taking off the gloves… oh wait his gloves have been off since the get-go.

“US President Barack Obama will warn Iran on Tuesday that the United States will “do what we must” to prevent it acquiring a nuclear weapon, and appeal to world leaders for a united front against further attacks on US diplomatic missions in Muslim countries.” - Obama to warn Iran: US will do what it … JPost – International.

Today is going to be an interesting day.  Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in New York speaking at the UN General Assembly, Obama will be there too to draw a line in the sand, a fleet of western warships is off the coast of Iran, the Middle East is in an uproar and hating America more than usual, and Israel is battening down the hatches on this Yom Kippur. Fingers off triggers folks!

Obama to Spend more than Bush on Military

If you don’t believe that post title read it for yourself in the New York Times.

Now I may be the most liberal guy you’ll ever meet, in fact I’m so liberal I don’t listen to the ‘liberals’ because they are usually just as full of propaganda as the conservatives. Instead I make up my own mind based on the facts. So this post may come as a surprise because it sounds the other guys.

This news is coming from the horses mouth too, Obama’s Defense Secretary, Robert M. Gates. He’s asking for the military budget to continue to grow at 1% a year, plus the costs of the war.


Yep, and when you add up the tab it shows that Obama will spend 6.1% more than Bush on the military. I assume this also takes into account news that the Pentagon is shutting down an entire military command (Reuters) in an attempt to ease the concern over increased spending.

So my question is, and now it seems like a good time to ask it again, has America gone insane?

We, the united American people, really need to drop our petty differences and political parties and unite against these greedy bastards and take our democracy back before they totally screw things up.


On a related note, curious to see what’s really happening in Afghanistan? Here’s a little documentary style show from a liberal online TV station. Looks like the Taliban has the ‘good guys’ chasing their tails.

Part One

Part Two

President Obama’s First Full Day

obama-signs-executive-orderThis is just a little strange, an article listing exactly what President Obama did on his first day, hour by hour. I was surprised that the entire morning was pretty much spent at church, but then again, he’s going to need all the help he can get.

I was also impressed with the two executive orders. I’m no lawyer but they sure sound like the groundwork for holding former presidents accountable and another putting an end to special treatment for special interests, like taking gifts from lobbyists. Nice way to start a presidency.Oh he also retook that fudged oath too… even better way to start a presidency.

The only question left in my brain was… I wonder what was on the not left him by George W. Bush? I’m sure it was nothing G.W. wouldn’t want entered into evidence.

It is the farewell kiss, you dog

The nightmare is over and yet his legacy will be will haunt us forever. The worst part of course is that so many Americans still don’t get it. I won’t blab on about George W. Bush’s long list of ‘accomplishments‘ here in a vain attempt to change your mind; I’m just happy he’s headed home to Texas to work on his tan.

Anyway… there was one important lesson Bush reminded me of… and that’s you can’t count on the people in authority to protect you or your freedom. At any time, even in a democracy these people can pop up, gain support, get into office, act without repercussions, and get away with it all.

The only way you can really control your own situation is to make better choices and eliminate your reliance on outside entities. Independence and freedom are not guaranteed. The more you rely on others the more risk you accept. Rely on yourself and improve your chances of staying free.

P.S. “It is the farewell kiss, you dog.” is what the shoe throwing Iraqi journalist said as he chucked his shoes at GW Bush.