Julia’s New MacBook Pro Just Arrived

Well here it is, the new 13″ MacBook Pro. We ordered a normal MacBook for Julia the other day not realizing Apple was about to release this new MacBook Pro. A few days after ordering it they sent us a note saying they were sending this instead. We’re definitely happy campers; more computer for less money is always a deal. We’ve always been happy Apple customers and now we’re even happier 🙂


It’s really amazing how much power they can pack into so little space too. This little laptop has 4GB of RAM, 250GB storage, and plenty of speed for her photo and video play. We also bought a 500GB Time Capsule to backup all those precious photos and videos of Katie.

Ordered a MacBook… getting a MacBook Pro instead for less money. Nice!

Julia’s MacBook finally crapped out on her and it’s loaded with photos and videos of Katie. I backed it up and tried to fix it but it seems to need a complete wipe. So I ordered new MacBook for her.

Last night I got an email from Apple saying that a new MacBook Pro was just released and instead of getting the computer we ordered we’re getting a new 13-inch MacBook Pro for less money instead. It’s a lot more computer for less money and it shipped this morning.


Had I been paying any attention to Apple news I probably would have suspected a new MacBook was just around the corner and held off until the announcement but the truth is I had no intention of buying a new computer until we needed one. I guess we’re just the recipients of some dumb luck, good timing, and what should be a great new computer.

I’d also like to point out how smart Apple was to hold off a couple days and send us the upgrade instead of yesterdays news. More companies should adopt customer centric practices like that.