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Obama to Spend more than Bush on Military

If you don’t believe that post title read it for yourself in the New York Times.

Now I may be the most liberal guy you’ll ever meet, in fact I’m so liberal I don’t listen to the ‘liberals’ because they are usually just as full of propaganda as the conservatives. Instead I make up my own mind based on the facts. So this post may come as a surprise because it sounds the other guys.

This news is coming from the horses mouth too, Obama’s Defense Secretary, Robert M. Gates. He’s asking for the military budget to continue to grow at 1% a year, plus the costs of the war.


Yep, and when you add up the tab it shows that Obama will spend 6.1% more than Bush on the military. I assume this also takes into account news that the Pentagon is shutting down an entire military command (Reuters) in an attempt to ease the concern over increased spending.

So my question is, and now it seems like a good time to ask it again, has America gone insane?

We, the united American people, really need to drop our petty differences and political parties and unite against these greedy bastards and take our democracy back before they totally screw things up.


On a related note, curious to see what’s really happening in Afghanistan? Here’s a little documentary style show from a liberal online TV station. Looks like the Taliban has the ‘good guys’ chasing their tails.

Part One

Part Two