Here’s the Trigger, Now Where Is That Finger to Pull It?

President Obama’s top military adviser said Tuesday that he would recommend deploying United States forces in ground operations against Islamic extremists in Iraq if airstrikes proved insufficient, opening the door to a riskier, more expansive American combat role than the president has publicly outlined.” –

This is all playing out like a bad movie. It’s so easy to predict the next plot twist in a bad movie, isn’t it? But we like the suspense and surprise don’t we?

The Forecast for Today’s Weather is Destabilization

While folks argue over the latest noise, an apparent Islamic State operative visits the White House and snaps a selfie of his other phone.

This photo, apparently taken in front of the White House, was posted to Twitter with the caption, “#AmessagefromISIStoUS We are in your state We are in your Cities We are in your streets You are our goals anywhere.” – ABC News

There’s no telling what is real anymore… but if we step back from these distractions and listen the larger narratives we can see the trends. Here’s some of the trends & noise I’m talking about:

  • People can easily entering the United States illegally. More
  • The Islamic State (aka ISIS, ISIL) is growing in strength in the Middle East and making open threats to the United States. More
  • Ebola continues to spread (and threaten to spread) across borders and alarms from health organizations sound. More
  • America becoming more involved militarily in Iraq. More
  • Tensions between America & Russia are increasing. More
  • Economic impacts to the West & East from rising tensions unknown but are trending negative. More
  • South China Sea tensions continue to rise, albeit not in the spotlight. More
  • Tensions between American citizens and our militarized police at all time high. More
  • Quantative Easing continues and rates continue at all-time low. More

What could go wrong? All kidding aside, I know a lot of people don’t like to dwell on this stuff, and truth be told I don’t either – but I think it’s important to pop our Ostrich heads out of the ground for a moment now & then to look at the direction the wind is blowing.

When you turn down the media noise one trend emerges – destabilization. That’s the undertone to all the news noise I linked to above.  All these trends have this one common denominator.

So instead of getting caught up in the chaos step back and ask yourself how you can hedge against the risk of the world destabilizing. You know like preparing for a big rain storm, only potentially bigger.

I personally think increasing self-reliance, downsizing commitments, and expecting change are good places to start. Everyone will take a different approach to preparedness but if your head is ready for it, you won’t get caught off guard as easily.

Obama to Spend more than Bush on Military

If you don’t believe that post title read it for yourself in the New York Times.

Now I may be the most liberal guy you’ll ever meet, in fact I’m so liberal I don’t listen to the ‘liberals’ because they are usually just as full of propaganda as the conservatives. Instead I make up my own mind based on the facts. So this post may come as a surprise because it sounds the other guys.

This news is coming from the horses mouth too, Obama’s Defense Secretary, Robert M. Gates. He’s asking for the military budget to continue to grow at 1% a year, plus the costs of the war.


Yep, and when you add up the tab it shows that Obama will spend 6.1% more than Bush on the military. I assume this also takes into account news that the Pentagon is shutting down an entire military command (Reuters) in an attempt to ease the concern over increased spending.

So my question is, and now it seems like a good time to ask it again, has America gone insane?

We, the united American people, really need to drop our petty differences and political parties and unite against these greedy bastards and take our democracy back before they totally screw things up.


On a related note, curious to see what’s really happening in Afghanistan? Here’s a little documentary style show from a liberal online TV station. Looks like the Taliban has the ‘good guys’ chasing their tails.

Part One

Part Two