For Sale: American Politics

That’s right my fellow American citizens, our political offices are now officially available to the highest bidder, thanks to  the Supreme Court. No need to hide those illegal campaign contributions. Just pour your money in and buy the political offices you want… you’ll just need a few hundred million dollars.

Here’s a quote from an MSNBC article:

A major ruling Thursday by the U.S. Supreme Court could change how advertisements for presidential and congressional elections are funded, possibly opening the floodgates of money from corporations, unions and other groups.

By a 5-4 vote, the court overturned a 20-year-old ruling that said corporations can be prohibited from using money from their general treasuries to pay for campaign ads. The decision, which almost certainly will also allow labor unions to participate more freely in campaigns, threatens similar limits imposed by 24 states.

I don’t think I’m overreacting when I say that American politics is now officially for sale. We’ve known politicians have been for sale for a long time… that’s not news. What is news is that the highest court in the land just made it legal for huge injections of cash into campaigns. The only ethical guy left in the Supreme Court, Justice John Paul Stevens, seems to agree… although he says it much more eloquently than I.

Strongly disagreeing, Justice John Paul Stevens said in his dissent, “The court’s ruling threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions around the nation.”

So now what?

Sounds like Stevens said it all and I really hope this one wakes America up. We must restore integrity to our elected institutions.

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