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One Laptop Per Child – (OLPC)


Have you seen this? The project’s goal is to, “provide children around the world with new opportunities to explore, experiment and express themselves,” by delivering a $100 laptop to each and every child. It’s a tough little AMD chip powered Linux OS that has some unique off the grid and wireless features (like crank charging) specifically designed for the remote places around the world it will eventually end up.

If I were to predict the outcome, lets say in 20 years, if the project is successful. There would be thousands, no millions, of Linux literate open source software using people emerging out of today’s third world creating a huge shift in where technology innovations is happening.

I must not be alone in that prediction because it would explain why Microsoft is trying to stuff thier OS into the OLPC computer. Bill Gates and his crew must be thinking what I’m thinking. Million of young developers who know the Linux OS inside-out looking for work and working cheap would definitely create a strong business case for everyone to dump Microsoft once and for all.

I personally think that is going to happen someday anyway and anything Microsoft does today or tomorrow only delays the inevitable. But if they are diligent, like with this MS inside OLPC effort, they can buy themselves more time. I hope they fail; I’d like to see an open source world.