Are Our Police Being Pressured into BP Brown Shirts?

This is really disturbing if this extends to more than one incident. Could BP be pressuring local law enforcement officers to work for them on their behalf?

I have an incredible amount of respect for law enforcement officers and considering the strain they are under already, as budgets get slashed and people laid off, we can’t allow anyone to pressure them into doing their own bidding.

The Brown Shirts were a paramilitary group started by the Nazi party in Germany and used during the 1920s and 1930s to help pressure the public to support the fascist party agenda. If our law enforcement officers are being pressured by BP to act as their private security force while on duty this is far worse than what the fascists did in Europe in the last century.

The original brownshirts were hardcore fascist party members happy to support their evil agendas. I can’t imagine any American law enforcement officer willing to protect BP.

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