Jane Devin is coming for a visit!

Julia and I have been following Jane Devin online for quite some time and now she’s on an adventure which you can follow at Finding My America. Jane will stay with us here in Fair Oaks for a few days and we’ll probably make a trip up to the family farm for a close-up peek at rural California and my Tiny Free House project.

I’m personally looking forward to chatting with her about the world of writing and blogging since she’s got a lot more experience there than I do. For example you can read some of her work at the Huffington Post and past wirtings on personal blog, JaneDevin.com. If you want to connect with her you can follow Jane on Twitter and FaceBook.

It’s exciting to play a small part in a project like Finding My America. I suspect not even Jane knows exactly where it will bring her but like most follow-your-nose adventures it’s often more about the experiences gained from the walkabout than the destination itself. Kind of like life don’t you think?

See you soon Jane!

The Real Problem with Greenwashed Marketing

I got into a little bit of a row recently with the guy that runs Holy Cow Products. We had a little back and forth in the comments section of a greenwash of the week post on The Good Human.

The interaction itself and the little bit of product research I did on green cleaning products started me noodling over the real problem with greenwashing; which is that most people make product decisions based on product packaging and marketers know it. It’s a marketers job to do everything they can to sell products and build positive brand reputations. So it is a natural step for some folks to skirt the edge of what is legal and ethical especially during hard economic times.

I realize that most folks are just trying to realize their own dreams. In many ways I respect this kind of entrepreneurial spirit. The problem is that unsubstantiated product claims and product design mislead people and will eventually cause the business failure as the truth emerges. Failure is not inevitable because guys like me and David (The Good Human) that point out the truth. Failure is inevitable the moment the decision is made to market the product as something it is not.

Choosing to put people and the planet before profit is a more sustainable business model. As the internet and social media become more popular business ventures that don’t adopt a high level of ethics will fail faster simply because the truth will always surface.

I hope more business folks realize that by taking the high road they are choosing to make more money over a longer period of time. If you make a product or are working to build a brand put a focus on ethics, people, and the planet, and your profits will be longer lasting. Social media is here to stay… well at least until the power goes out permanently.