Random Thought: It’s not OK to eat sentient creatures

Self awareness or sentience is a tricky thing to measure. I read an interesting article on EcoWorldly last night about elephants passing a self-awareness test. It got me thinking and this morning I woke up with a strong sense that is not OK to be eating creatures that are self-aware. This is not a new idea, actually if you read the wikipedia article on sentience you’ll find that animal rights activists have been pointing this out for a long time.


elephant-training-campNow I would not eat an elephant or gorilla but what about cows, pigs, and chickens? There are plenty of other reasons to eat vegitarian and vegan but this particular aspect of the whole matter of eating meat has got me thinking. I’m also going to try the test on my dogs. Don’t worry… I won’t be eating my dogs either… but I wonder if they would pass the self awareness test?