Basic Simplicity 1.3 (new version of my WordPress theme)

I submitted my minimalist WordPress theme to the Free Theme Directory the other day and got a note back from them with a few suggestions. It didn’t take long to implement their recommended improvements and now Basic Simplicity 1.3 is available.

[download id="1"]

Upgrade Instructions

Follow these instructions only if you are already using Basic Simplicity.

  • Upload the new files to the existing Basic Simplicity theme directory. (Do not upload the images folder if you’ve made edits to the header image)
  • Go to the Appearance > Themes page and reselect Basic Simplicity.
  • Go to the Edit Basic Simplicity control panel and choose to show or hide the header text.

Change Log

  • Blank header background image so your blog never says “Basic Simplicity” at the top.
  • A way to show and hide the header text on the control panel so you can have a header image with or without text.
  • Child pages now show on pages below the content.
  • The current page now shows in bold when you’re on that page (except the home page, I’ll fix in a future release).

12 thoughts on “Basic Simplicity 1.3 (new version of my WordPress theme)”

  1. My only suggestion for your next release Michael would be to consider putting comment link at the bottom. I’ve found that’s where most readers expect it to be, and it saves them from having to scroll up the page again to find the link.


    1. Good thinking Jane. Right now on the individual pages I have the form there, so probably don’t need a link there… but I will add it to the bottom of the long list page. That would encourage more readers to comment.


  2. Hi Micheal,

    Thanks for the theme. Nice simple theme. I have just one problem. I cant figure out how to hide “home” page as it doesn’t even appear on “pages” section. Any suggestions?


    1. Oskari,

      Do you mean the link in the navbar? If so go to Appearance>Editor and then open the header.php file. Scrolll down to this line of code and remove it (or comment it out)

      <h1><a href="<?php echo get_settings(‘home’); ?>"><?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?></a></h1>

      Does that help?


  3. Micheal,

    I was sure the information was exactly what I was looking for but, then I did the changes you suggested and “home” link still appears on navigation menu.

    Idea is either change its name (eg. “home” to “example”) or hide the “home” from navigation altogether.

    Thanks Micheal,


  4. Micheal,

    So sorry to send you so many messages. I fixed the problem. My reading error.

    Thank you once more for great template. I really like these simple templates. Good job.

    Have a great day.


    1. Hi Angie,

      The comments functions can be edited on this page, Settings > Discussion. There is one that says “Allow people to post comments on new articles.”

      You can also find most of the how-to use wordpress questions on the wordpress site. For example here is this particular topic:


    1. Thanks for the comments and rating Bruce.

      I’ve got a few mods in the works… and happy to see and hear about what you did. Nothing like real world user feedback.


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