Economic Victory Garden Planted

Our side yard had turned into a weed patch in the last couple years… we’ve been a bit busy with Katie and adjusting to being new parents. But this spring it seemed like the right time to get the garden going again. It took some hauling, cleaning, digging, and finally planting but now the our economic victory garden is in the ground.

What’s an economic victory garden? I like to think that it’s hope; hope that by becoming more self-sufficient we’ll be able to get through these tough times with fewer bruises.

They can be any size because they are really more about making positive progress. So even if all you have is a sunny kitchen window you can still have a nice little economic victory garden.

I will finish installing the drip irrigation as I have time over the next few days. I’d also like to replace some of our high maintenance ornamental trees with fruit trees too but I better focus on the dozen projects I’m working on first before adding another. Here’s how it looks with our first few plants. I’ll post more photos as things progress. Photo credit to Julia 🙂


Blog Powered Free Newsletter

A question was posted on twitter by follownathan:

Question: Am I wrong for thinking newsletters may be antiquated? Should I even bother?

Here’s my long-winded (more than 255 characters) answer…

I think print newsletters are dead and online newsletters are being replaced by RSS. More web savvy people will use an RSS reader. Others will want to subscribe by email which is the audience most likely to want to read a newsletter.

I would not use email vendors like FeedBlitz, Emma and Constant Contact because it is so much easier to automate with RSS, feedburner, and a separate blog. In fact I’m really glad you asked this question because I don’t think this solution would have ever occurred to me.

Set up a separate blog just for the newsletter and schedule a post (newsletter) to publish on a regular (weekly) schedule. Then add the feed to feedburner and post the ‘newsletter’ subscription form on your main site and blog. It’s not a substitute for your normal RSS feed but this kind of setup would give you a simple newsletter crafted in a blog interface with focused content that you carefully craft to link back to your website(s). The best part is that it would be free and only require you to write one summary post (newsletter) of all the things you want people to see or know. Keep the info in the newsletter simple. Let the main website(s) provide all the details.