Market Fluctuation or Housing Prices Coming Up

I got another email on my home’s value from this morning and it shows the curve making a turn upward! These numbers could simply be a market fluctuation due to a temporary increase in home sales. It is fall after all, a traditional time to make last minute moves before the school year begins. But I’m hopeful that maybe it’s a sign we’ve hit bottom and might start to see a slow climb back up. As you can also see these numbers aren’t reflective in the US (dark blue) or California (light blue) chart lines, just my house (dark green) and Sacramento (orange).

Home Values Continue To Drop In California

I get a newsletter from regularly with an update on local home values. There has been no good news for a long time, home values continue to drop here in California. Below is a chart that shows the most recent numbers. When you add this to the overall outlook for the economy it looks like millions of people are going to be stuck in their homes or seriously considering letting the bank take it back simply because the climb back up is looking longer and less likely.

Another option I’m still keeping in the back of my mind is adding onto the house simply to raise the value. I definitely don’t want any more house myself… I have too much as it is… but I can see adding on right before selling. But for now we’ll just continue to hang on and hope for the best.

this YES-ON-8 guy has issues

We were running an errand today and on the way home spotted this guy in his extra large yellow 4×4 with the words ‘YES ON 8’ written boldly on the front, back, and sides. For all I know it was written on the roof too just in case the CHP in the helicopter wondered where he stood on the issue of gay marriage. Now I’m pretty sure there is something wrong with this picture… don’t you think he’s protesting just a little too much?

Then… if that wasn’t funny enough… moments later the COWBOY UP dude pulled in behind him and followed him in traffic for a while. All I have to say is that seeing this made the trip worth while. We laughed all the way home.

коли под наем

Thank God Obama Won!

I finally got to watch Obama’s speech. I missed it election night because I was busy putting Katie to bed. I’m so happy he won… not because he’s a Democrat… because he is the best person for the job.

Personally I’ve given up on both the Democratic and Republican parties. Neither represents my beliefs or seemingly best interests. I’m some kind of hybrid as I suspect is the truth for almost every American. But I can also see that Obama represents an opportunity to shift the balance of power back from the richest minority back to the citizens of the United States of America.

In fact that leads me to describe what I think is the real underlying problem with American politics. The general consensus in Washington DC seems to be that protecting large corporate profits is the top priority. I’m not talking most corporations, I’m talking about the 1% that controls the 90%. On the surface this seems to make sense but just below the surface we see that this is just trickle-down-economics all over again, and it doesn’t work to put that much economic power in the hands of so few people.

I think Obama sees this too. In his speech (below) he even points out that to fix wall street we must not forget about main street. I think Obama sees that by creating a balanced economic environment where everyone can succeed that we, as a whole, will succeed. Today under G.W. Bush and our current Congress we’ve been suffering under the delusion that by supporting large corporations through deregulation and other mechanisms we somehow make life better for everyone. This appeared true until the bubble burst. But the truth is, in the long run that policy only makes more money for the people at the top. The rest of us are now getting the shaft and the truth has been told.

This isn’t a partisan issue either. I’m pointing my finger at ALL of them, save a handful. Americans that still take sides and not looking at the issues for themselves are fooling themselves that somehow their party’s politicians are representing their best interests and positions. This isn’t a sporting event where you cheer for your team through tick and thin. This is freedom and democracy at stake. On the contrary… those citizens looking at the issues without bias and voting across party lines when appropriate are doing us all a favor. In this last election it appears the majority got smart… Thank God!

I hope that Obama turns out to be what he appears. He was not my first choice but at the end of the day on November 4, 2008 I definitely believe he was the best choice. I hope more conservatives begin to see it like I do and keep their eye on freedom, democracy, and and eye out for those representing corporate greed. They are everywhere in politics on both sides of the isle.

Now lets cross our fingers that the damage is not so deep it takes years to repair. I for one would love to see my home equity restored so I can again be free to choose where and how I live and leave the fear of foreclosure behind.