The Coast with the Most – The Mendocino Coast

You might have read in the New York Times article that Julia and I long to move back to Mendocino County, downsize, and simplify. Here’s what Steven Kurutz wrote in the article.

“Instead, he wants to be a living example encouraging people to downsize, even if it’s only to a moderately smaller home. The Janzens plan to do just that, as soon as the housing market bounces back and they can sell their current home without taking a loss. The couple wants to move back to Mendocino County, where early in their marriage they lived in that 450-square-foot cabin.” – NY TIMES

When we lived in Mendocino County before we lived in a little place called Redwood Valley and and made pilgrimages to the coast which was about an hour away through some very twisty roads. When we move back someday we want to be much closer to the coast, just not right on the coast. Here’s a photo of the village of Mendocino.

I’m pretty sure a historic home in the village of Mendocino will be out of our reach… I guess it will just depend on how successful I’m as a writer, blogger, whatever. I think we’ll probably look for a piece of land that’s just inland, outside the coastal commission’s jurisdiction and in the sun a little more. Having a peek at the ocean will be enough for us. Owning a home right on the ocean comes with too many maintenance and zoning limitations. Definitely not a simpler life.

Every day we listen to KOZT online. KOZT is one of the last real radio stations owned and operated by real radio people who have escaped the world and hidden out up there. If you’re a Beatles fan they run a great radio show every Sunday from 8AM to 10AM called Breakfast with the Beatles. We listen to is to stay connected.

But for now we’re stuck in our big house, like millions of Americans. I’m hopeful though. I read economic reports coming out of the bank I work for every week, public reports… no insider information here. We still haven’t hit rock bottom but I know a lot of people think we’ll have a good recovery once consumer confidence comes back up, maybe as soon as the holidays. In any event I’m certain I’m in my house a job for a few years, nothing can recover that fast, but I’ll keep doing everything I can everyday to move toward this goal. Being proactive is the only way to go.

Photo credit wikimedia commons.

Down another $5000… and I don’t even live in Vegas

I should probably unsubscribe from the monthly house value report from, it’s just so depressing. As you can see I’m down another $5000 and almost back to where I started 5 years ago. Now maybe you’ll understand why I’m building a free house. Now imagine the people that bought at the top. Now imagine the people in variable rate mortgages. This picture is definitely worth a 1,000 words, sighs, moans…

My Tiny House is in the New York Times!

This is a pretty cool day for me; I’ve never been in the New York Times before. A few months ago I started a little project, actually a tiny free house project, in an attempt to better understand my own values. I had also been admiring the people behind the tiny house movement for the freedom they have achieved. I wanted to built a tiny house too but do it with a different spin. My first tiny house would be free and made from reclaimed and recycled stuff. In fact I’m building it from mostly trashed wood pallets. You can follow my progress on my Tiny Free House blog.

If you’re interested in tiny house design I’ve got a blog on that too, But by all means read the article in the New York Times. Photo credit, New York Times.

Look for me in The New York Times tomorrow!

Right after I started my tiny house project, The Tiny Free House, a reporter named Steven Kurutz contacted me curious about the project. In the following weeks the Times sent out a couple photographers and Steven interviewed me by phone a couple of times.

Steven just called me to check some facts about the story and told me it’s scheduled to run tomorrow as the lead story in the Home & Garden section (I think that’s the right section). I have to say… I’m very excited. 🙂

Took Down

Today I took down It was a free classified site I coded in a weekend a couple years ago. I simply realized that it makes sence to focus om the things that interest me and dump the baggage. I also noticed that most of the traffic was spam from India, Africa, Asia. and Eastern Europe on my Google Analytics account. Lesson learned… better to write than code for gaining traffic. GETitSELLit is in the cross hairs now.