Experimental Book Publishing Business Model

I recently decided to try an experiment for publishing my first book, Do It Yourself Freedom. Instead of seeking a publishe, I’m going to post the book as a blog one section per post. It’s broken into almost 100 different small pieces so it’s perfect for publishing in a blog format. Once the entire book is complete, edited and online I’ll publish a print version and offer it for sale on Lulu.com.

From a business perspective I’m giving up some book sales by making the full text available online. But I’ll also monetize the blog with ads. I suspect that some people will like the content enough to buy the paper version which I’ll make at least $2 from each sale. Other readers will be happy to read the book online and might also find the relevant ads valuable too, generating another income stream.

The experiment will test is the ad revenue will generate as the sale of printed books? If I were a popular author I’d guess that I’d make less money doing it this way. But since this is my first book I figure it’s a good way to get my name out there faster while still providing myself a potential ad revenue stream.

The other benefit is I’ll get it done. I back burnered it a few months ago. It needs a final edit and by posting it one piece at a time as a blog it’s taken the pressure off me to get it perfect for print. I’ll also get some feedback from readers which should help fuel my creativity. I hope you enjoy reading Do It Yourself Freedom.