DEFINITELY.COM on the block

Julia and I registered back in the late 90’s; it mush have been 1996 or 1997. We’re not domain squatters. We’ve been running Definitely Incorporated, our servers, and websites under this domain the entire time although we’ve had not much more than a skelatin website on for years since we don’t actively look for side work. My day job at [insert giant bank name here] keeps our side jobs small and few.

We decided to let the name go mostly because we’d rather have a little extra money for the house of if our wildest dreams come true to buy a new home. We’re probably kidding ourselves there but it can’t hurt to dream, right?

The domain name is on eBay until Wednesday April 9, 2008. I may renew the auction on eBay at that time or simply wait and run it in a auction in June. компютриVisit the eBay auction.