phpTINY Released

phpTINY logoFor the past several years I’ve been refining a little code base that I use to build the vast majority of my projects. I call it phpTINY. It is a super simple framework that makes it really easy for a php developer to build websites fast.

I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, mostly for the challenge ‘simple’ demands. There are very few core files and no php classes, just functions. The overall html template is separate from the php. Some html is imbedded in the php of thpages but only for simple formatting. Doing it this way makes it veryeasy to customize the overall look & feel to just about anything you want.

Assuming someone might find it useful and with the hope that someone might even want to improvements to the code, I’ve released it as open source (GNU General Public License). As I make improvements I’ll post updated versions. If you have code to contribute please contact me.